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About Us

UNIQUE HOMES AND PROPERTIES is a fully integrated property management and real estate agency registered to undertake the procurement, development, sales and services of land and landed property within Nigeria for commercial and residential usage.

UNIQUE HOMES has to its advantage an immense reserve of experience and resources, affording it the financial, technical and administrative ability needed to effectively plan, develop and sell landed properties for individuals, corporate bodies, private organizations, state and federal government establishments. We strive very hard to respond positively to every client’s need with a view to providing them with real estate solutions that best address their desire.

1. The proximities of all our estates to the main commercial centers in Lagos are very close.
2. Shelter as one of the basic needs of living is held in high esteem by ensuring immediate development of your plots of land in our estates.
3. We guarantee your ultimate freedom from incessant increase of rent by landlords and landladies.
4. Your Returns on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed by continuous augmenting (improving) on our estates.
5. Easy transfer of ownership at your own determined price.
6. Safeguarding of your assets (land) for your children or Next of Kin.
1. Flexible payment plan.
2. Commitment to excellence in timely delivery.
3. Passionate about quality customers’ service as we are in the business because of you.
4. Always available to listen to you.
5. Professionalism in display in all our operations.
6. Ability to deliver on promises.